Tuition - Rates

First Lesson is free, first month is $25. With initial membership plans there is a 1 time uniform fee that must be paid at sign-up.

Membership Plans

Single lessons must be purchased with approval. Scholarships are available. You may select quantities of single lessons during check out. Payment policy applies

Single Lessons

Dragonfly Kids Kung Fu classes. Classes run in 8 week intervals and are $70 for the whole 8 weeks ($35/month)

Dragonfly Kids Kung Fu

Special Fees

One-time costs that cover your initial uniform, first set of sparring gear, and appropriate weapons at select times during training.
*equipment fees cover initial set only. Replacements or special requests not included. Staff, Cups, and mouthguards are also not included.

Equipment Fees

Sash Testing Fees: Fees related to testing for individual sashes. Deposit must be paid before candidate can be added to testing docket, whole fee paid before actual testing.

Testing Fees Deposits


Testing Fees


Special Case Memberships are available for qualifying individuals/families upon request. Please ask your Shifu about details

Tuition - Special Events

Event: Special events that are sponsored from time to time. *Pricing may vary depending on event.*


NOTE: RSVP with payment via email to confirm attendance

Please include size of t-shirt

Kung Fu Campout

Private Retreats

Personal Retreats with Shifu Read can be scheduled for select times of the year, Prices are for 1 on 1 or group retreats up to 6 people. Contact Shifu Read for details. If interested please contact Shifu Read prior to paying for retreat option.


CPR and First Aid Classes

Level 1 Women's Self Defense Seminar is generally donation based.

Women's Self Defense Seminars

Make a donation to the school.