Welcome To Kingdom Warrior Academy

Giving credit where credit is due, God - as the Author of all creation - is the ultimate source of my strength, my style, and my skill.

Kung Fu is extremely valuable for your physical well-being by increasing your strength, flexibility and body structure in a non-abrasive approach that is challenging enough for the young in body while still attainable for the young in heart.

Kung Fu is a journey, and like many journeys, it shows us things about ourselves we did not know. It exposes both our strength and our weakness. As we embrace our strength and are forced to face our weakness and overcome it, we find when the struggle is over we are not weak but strong, because we have learned that our greatest opponent is not the man on the street, but the man in the mirror. Kung Fu is a journey, the pursuit of mastery, not the mastery of others but the mastery of our self.

  • Congratulations to Laoshi Justin on achieving his teachers license
  • classes available for both XingYi and Bagua!!
  • Live online and in person classes are available.
  • The 10th Annual CTSTA Kung Fu Gathering is coming up in 2021 in Saint Louis!! Start prepping!!
  • Andrew Wilson Black Sash test and Logan Urbeck 2nd degree in January 2020 were completely successfull. Congrats guys!!