*Note: Listed below is my TST Xing Yi lineage only, bagua is not listed. Bolded names designate my specific lineage, and italicized comments only apply to the bolded name. Names in parenthesis are other well-known names for the individual preceding parenthesis. A line of asterisks separate significant changes in Chinese dynasties. Make no assumption of rank based off of the order names are listed.

General Yue Fei: Creator of Hsing-I (alleged)

Ji Ji Ke (Ji Long Feng )
Cao Ji Wu , Ma Xue Li
Dai Long Bang , Dai Lin Bang

Li Luo Neng (Li Neng Ran), Che Yi Zhai (Che Yong Hong), Song Shi Rong,
Liu Qi Lan , Guo Yun Shen
Li Cun Yi , Keng Cheng Xing, Zhang Zao Dong
Zhang Jun Feng , Chen Pan Ling (Chen Jun Feng), Huang Po Nien, Shang Yun Chang
Hong Yi Xiang : Founder of the Tang Shou Tao, Hong Yi Wen, Hong Yi Mian

Xu Hong Ji: Founder of the International Tang Shou Tao Association, Black Snake, Li Laoshi
Dale Akio Shigenaga: Founder of the American Tang Shou Tao Association, John Price, Mike Patterson, Tim Cartmell, Mike Bingo, James McNeil, Vince Black, Harold Bellamy

Students of Dale Shigenaga: 1st Generation ATSTA Students

Mark Kimzey: Founder of the Christian Tang Shou Tao Association, Anthony Franklin, Lani Lum, Tim Bonson, Dan Albritton, Rick Deisler, Richard Iser, Ron Torrez, Kim Albritton, John Simpson, Debbie Bryan,

Students of Mark Kimzey: 2nd Generation ATSTA Students

Dr. Read Wall: Founder of the Kingdom Warrior Academy, Jason Crahen, Danny Motta, Nate Cross, Tim Heckman, Johnny Guyton, Ryan Anderson, Josh Cook, Ricky Janssen, Tom Rutz, Dr. Clark Triplet

Students of Dr. Read Wall: 3rd Generation ATSTA Students, 1st Generation CTSTA Students

Logan Urbeck, Peter Hodges, Justin Elliston, Andrew Wilson (probationary)