About Us
Our Identity

The Kingdom Warrior Academy started off as one part of a network of instructors who all were taught the same curriculum all across the country, however as we grew, the KWA has merged multiple lines of learning into one. We delineate primarily from Shiye Mark Kimzey, 6th degree black sash of the American Tang Shou Tao Association (no longer in existence) run by Dale Akio Shigenaga, 10th degree black sash and student of the late Master Xu Hong Ji of Taiwan. The KWA is an affiliate of the Gospel Martial Arts Unioin, a member of the Christian Black Belt Association, and a founding school of the Christian Tang Shou Tao Association. In addition, KWA also teaches a bagua curriculum learned from Living Waters Martial Arts under 8th degree black belt Sifu Mike Martin. Our Taiji is Hun Yuan Chen style and comes from Sifu Troy Holloway of the Full Gamut Defense Arts. We are committed to the arts and passing them down to the next generation. The KWA class times are listed online and payment is made through the website.

Our Motivation

The obvious answer to that question is for self-defense, and while that is a primary and powerful motivation to study, it is not the only one. Kung Fu is extremely valuable for your physical well-being by increasing your strength, flexibility and body structure in a non-abrasive approach that is challenging enough for the young in body while still attainable for the young in heart. Kung Fu provides a mechanism for the development of the whole person, from critical thinking skills, to spiritual growth you will be stimulated to grow physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Our Purpose:

We want to help people. Our society has lost something. It has become very dangerous and full of suffering. We want to show people how to become better. Kung Fu, the Internal Arts in particular, provides a unique medium for the untainted truth of Scripture. We believe in the power of the Bible to change lives, and we know that no other method is more effective than one on one mentorship. Our purpose is not to force truth on anyone. But to demonstrate it and live it before you, thus enabling each person to make an informed decision about their life direction. It is our goal that through the medium of martial arts, mature believers in Christ can be made... and some pretty ok martial artists too!

Our Motto:

Blessed be the LORD my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight: Psalms 144:1 Giving credit where credit is due, God as the Author of all creation Is the ultimate source of my strength, my style, and my skill.

Our Values:

Utilizing the class structure and a strong sense of family we seek to instill in every Kingdom Warrior these three virtues:

* Respect (1 Peter 2:17) * Humility (Romans 12: 3, 10) * Self-Control (Proverbs 25:28)

Our Philosophy:

Here is a brief summary of what we believe