Other Instructors

Logan Urbeck Name: Logan Richard Dean Urbeck
Rank: er duan (2nd degree black sash)
Title: Shifu (Father Teacher)
Location: Staunten, IL


Licensed teacher in KWAMA Xing Yi curriculum

Over 15 years experience practicing Xing Yi

Married and a volunteer Youth, Children, and Family Minister at local church

Traveled internationally working in missions

Bachelors Degree in Business, Masters Degree in Divinity in progress


I first started my training in Xing Yi with Shifu Read Wall when I was around eleven years old. At that time, Shifu Read held classes at the Sullivan Southern Baptist Church where we were both members. I had always wanted to be in some form of martial art, and when my mom found out that Shifu Read taught classes at our church I immediately went up and asked about them. I was at the next class he had and I have to say that there were not very many classes that I missed either! Then about a year and half later, around the time I achieved my green sash, God lead Shifu Read to move to St. Louis, MO. However, just because he got a little further away did not mean I was going to give up and he did not give up on me either! Instead, he came up once a month for a six-hour class and taught me everything I needed to know to test for my brown sash. After about a year God yet again had another plan for Shifu Read to move further away, only this time he was moving to get married in Saint Joseph, MO. Now six hours away, Shifu Read was not able to come up once a month so in his place Shifu Readís senior student, Laoshi Peter a.k.a. 1st Peter, would come up once a month from St. Louis, and teach me what I needed to know to test for my black sash. Then finally, on February 18, 2012 I successfully tested for my black sash! Shortly after that in October of 2012, I stared teaching both a kids and an adult class at the Arthur Christian School!

Through this journey, I have learned more than I ever would have imagined. If it were not for Shifu Read, continually challenging me to read God's Word and answering the many questions I had; I probably would not be the God fearing man I am today. Not only Shifu Read but also Laoshi Peter, Shifu Danny and many others in the Xing Yi community have taught me so much both martially and spiritually.

Peter Hodges Name: Peter C. Hodges
Rank: yi duan (1st degree black sash)
Title: Laoshi (Teacher)
Location: Saint Louis, MO


Licensed teacher in KWAMA Xing Yi.

over 15 years of practice in Xing Yi.

Married, father of five, and Elder in his church.

Designed and implemented dynamic children's programs in several local churchs in Saint Louis.

Bachelors Degree in Chemistry

Background: In an old Xing Yi axiom it was said that, "Folding in and folding out I stick like glue until I'm through." The axiom would be spoken of a given fighter about himself. Yet it has been my experience with both God and Xing Yi that I am not the one sticking to them. Rather, they are sticking like glue until they're through with me. And they're not through yet. In the fall of 2004, my best friend and I started kung fu with Shifu Read. My best friend (also named Peter) had several years of previous Karate experience, but Read was my first exposure to martial arts. In addition, my friend and I were also the first students Read had ever had. First time him, first time me.

Read, in the course of my instruction, also began taking my friend and me through the book of Proverbs. It was in this year that I first learned to effectively study the Bible for myself and began learning about subjects such as humility, discipline, etiquette, wisdom and hard work. I also found martial arts to be ripe with physical illustrations of spiritual principles such as rootedness and sensitivity. I learned how a small compromise could undermine a stance and how allowing any stronghold even as minimal as your pinky finger could lead to defeat. And I learned that God wanted to continue using Kung Fu to mold me into his image.

It was only a year into my martial arts career that God called me away to college where the intensity of my particular program and the distance from my instructor made training difficult. But despite the obstacles, Kung Fu was still inside of me (figuratively) and so was God (literally), and so I continued, sometimes despite myself, to grow physically and spiritually. I continued at that university for nine semesters, and managed to progress in the style (albeit slowly) and earned my brown sash shortly following my final semester. In what I refer to as my "second year of class" I was reunited with my Shifu for a year of weekly class in which he took me from brown to black sash, unwittingly training me as his St Louis steward so that God could lead him to St Joseph. I thank God for his ever present providence in the lives of my Shifu and me and for His plan to use Kung Fu to shape our lives and the lives of our students.

Justin Elliston Name: Justin Elliston
Rank: yi duan (1st degree black sash)
Title: Laoshi (Junior Teacher)
Location: Platte City, MO


Licensed instructor of the KWAMA Xing Yi curriculum

Teaches at a small class in Stillwell, KS.

Served his nation in the United States Army

Married and Next Gen Director at his church where he runs a martial arts program

Bachelors Degree in Biblical Studies, Masters Degree in Bible and Theology, with Masters Degree in Divinity in progress


Through the years that I have been studying martial arts with Shifu Read one of the principles that have stuck out to me is the idea of root. Within martial arts this is your connection to the ground and it allows you to withstand forces that you couldn't without that root. I quickly learned through this class that this principle wasn't just about martial arts but could be instrumental in many other facets of my life. I learned that I needed to be rooted not only with my body but also with my faith. I had been a church-going Christian all my life but I was always the person who allowed one mistake to derail me. Through the fellowship that I had with my teacher, Shifu Read, I have become a much stronger Christian than I was before.

When I first started learning xing yi it was because my older brother had been in it for a year and told me that it was a good stress reliever. I had just returned from basic training with the Army and I was dealing with a lot of emotional stress in my life. When I went to my first class I knew that this was going to be something with which I was going to continue. I quickly jumped in and began my journey. I always wanted to know more and for that reason I would be at every single class possible. I would practice for hours at home. I knew early on that I wanted to teach kung fu and because of this when I became a green sash I began assisting in class as able. I was eventually allowed to teach some of the classes while Shifu Read observed and assisted and after attaining black sash was allowed to run classes without supervision. There were times when we needed to make adjustments because of life factors but through these four years I have learned much even beyond the martial application.

Andrew Wilson Name: Andrew Wilson
Rank: yi duan (1st degree black sash)
Title: Laoshi (Assistant Teacher)
Location: Saint Joseph, MO


Teaches occasionally at the Saint Joseph location with Shifu Read

Associate Degree in Applied Science in Applied Technology with an emphasis in Business

Certified Welder



In early 2014 when I was nine years old, I started my first Kung fu class with my brother Daniel at Kingdom Warrior Academy training in Xing Yi under Shifu Read Wall. Learning about the three core values of the Academy (Respect, Humility, and Self-control) and how to implement them in my daily life have helped me further my martial arts abilities, my relationships with others, and my relationship with The Lord. Shifu Read is always helpful, understanding, and patient with me and his other students.

Richard Cameron Name: Richard Cameron
Rank: yi duan (1st degree black sash)
Title: Shi Xiong (Senior Brother)
Location: Saint Joseph, MO


Assistant Instructor KWAMA Children Classes.

Assistant Instructor at Freudenthal Fit Club Tai Chi.

TCHI Board Certified Instructor of Tai Chi for Arthritis & Fall Prevention.

Bachelor's Degree in Construction Engineering Technology.

US Army Veteran


In February 2018, my niece started training Hapkido at Yuís Academy. She inspired me to follow through with an old aspiration I had from when I was child. I had always wanted to learn some form of martial arts, but my mother couldnít afford the tuition. I had a fascination with martial arts, ninja stars, Kung Fu Magazine and anything martial arts related I could get my hands on. Over the time of growing up to this point in my life, I had accepted Christ after being led astray by the World and its vices and made a full recovery back to a sober and thoughtful life of service. In August of 2018 I began training with the KWAMA. Kung Fu has challenged my humility and given me honor, not as much as love and kindness to myself, but as we might show to others as Christ would for us. Learning Kung Fu has helped me to focus my fighting skills I learned from life and the numerous experiences in violent confrontations, into a controlled and channeled manner. Given the opportunity to teach at KWAMA has challenged and expanded my understanding of Xing Yi, life and other styles of martial arts as a whole.